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What You Need to Know About TestoGen Testosterone Booster

Do you ever get that feeling looking around at the Gym at all the guys bigger than you and think, “What am I doing wrong?”
You train just as hard, if not harder than that guy. Why are you not getting more ripped and bigger muscles? You think if you squeeze in another workout, maybe that’ll help me catch up.
STOP! First and foremost, it is NOT your fault mate.
Now let me share something with you that TRANSFORMED my training:
It’s all down to genetics and how much testosterone you produce.
So stop thinking if you change your technique, increase your workouts or up your cardio, you’ll get as big as those guys. Unfortunately, you won’t (or it will take you a long time!).
When I discovered testosterone boosters, it completely changed my results!
I’m sure you’ve heard that term thrown around the Gym or in forums, but let me clear up exactly…

What are Testosterone Boosters?

Straight up, testosterone is the best known muscle building compound in the human body.
It accelerates muscle building, increases the formation of red blood cells and speeds up recovery time. It’s a fact that the average modern man is lacking testosterone.
Things like wifi radiation, genetically modified foods and toxins in our water supply depletes your testosterone supply.
So testosterone boosters helps replenish and rebuild your testosterone levels naturally!
Great, huh?!

What are the Main Benefits of Testosterone Boosters?

So now you’re getting on board with what the actual heck testosterone boosters are, here are even more reasons why they should be part of your daily routine:
Lower body fatMore energyIncrease in muscle sizeBoosted self confidenceBetter libido
So. Many. Benefits!
Now you’re in the know about testosterone boosters, you’re still probably wondering where to even start with so many brands out there.
Well my friend, I’ve narrowed the choices down to my top 3 from my personal experience, for your convenience. You’re welcome!

My Top Rated Testosterone Boosters

#3: Inner Armour Test Peak

Initially, it seemed to offer a minor boost to my energy and endorphins but within 2-3 weeks, the effectiveness just seemed to tail off.
I did read online that if you hold off, it really peaks after 2 months but I wasn’t hanging around on the off chance it did!
When it was working though, I felt the benefits that testosterone boosters are meant to give you.
I think what’s keeping me going back though is the aftertaste!

#2: Testo-Max

I noticed the benefits kicking in quite quick with Testo-Max, which is down to the vitamins they use. Unfortunately, I didn’t see much muscle growth.
I experienced the increased energy levels and better recovery periods but for some reason, no change in size.
It may work for others but I didn’t get all the benefits this product had to offer.
It also bought me out in acne, which was not great!

#1: TestoGen

Finishing at the top is my favourite and the most popular all round: TestoGen.
I did a little research and found out that TestoGen was created by expert herbalists, which means this supplement is all natural. No hidden ingredients here!
What I experienced was quite shocking!
I got no side effects or downsides of using TestoGen. What I did get was an enhanced sense of well-being that comes with getting your testosterone levels back on track.
I found I was more focused and more decisive when exercising, as well as in my normal life!
I’ve detailed the changes I experienced in a TestoGen review.
The best thing? They offer your first bottle free! So you can try before you buy.
It was the biggest magnet that bought me in. I might as well try it, what had I to lose?