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What is a Nootropic ?

When we talk about modern day problems, one of the most recurring themes is about how student’s pressure. The life of student is certainly not a piece of cake, but is it really this difficult? Well, the facts and figures that we have been seeing all these years just prove how difficult it can get for students when it is exam period. Hence, as humans of modern day life, we come up with solutions to every problem that might come our way. The most obvious and popular solution to this problem is probably something that we call study pills, or more accurately; nootropics.

So what exactly is a nootropic, the question may arise. To answer this simple yet technical question, one can take two approaches; the first can be the traditional definition along with the background which would explain the actual meaning and give you a sound understanding on the topic, and the other one could be the definition which people nowadays consider right, i.e. how people perceive nootropics or what would be the basic definition that a person who might use this drug would give you. Since we need to understand the concept of nootropic in depth, we will take turns in explaining it through both ways and then you can decide for yourself which one works better! So, without further ado, let’s get started with the conceptual understanding of the world of nootropics:

  1. The Traditional/Historical Definition:

To begin with, the word nootropic was coined by a Romanian Chemist and Psychologist, Dr. Corneliu Giurgea almost 50 years ago. The word is derived from two Greek words: “nous” which means mind and “tropein” which translates as to bend or turn.

Apart from the basics, one need to know that when the inventor of this word came up with it, he set some rules that would define any substance as a nootropic. These 5 conditions can be stated as:

  • Enhances memory to a great extent
  • Helps the brain work under adverse conditioning
  • Protects brain from any kind of danger, be it physical or chemical
  • Improves the control mechanisms
  • Less toxic and side effects attached.

Based on this definition, the filtering process for drugs/substances which can come under the pool of nootropics might get very rigorous, but that is the whole point! Not everything can be regarded as nootropic. However, to come under the umbrella, it may not be necessary to have all the 5 conditions fulfilled at the same time.

  1. The Generic Definition used these days:

This one can vary from the above one to great extent, but it in no way means that the any of the definitions aren’t valid, they are all correct in their own ways. So, to begin with, one can take the regular definition that one can find in dictionary, i.e. “a substance that enhances cognition and memory and facilitates learning”

The definition is similar in many ways to the first one but the point to quote it here is that nowadays, anything that affects cognitive growth in anyway is regarded as a nootropic drug. The only reason that this could be a problem is that taking nootropics this lightly can be harmful, and using them while not being prescribed can have consequences that all of us would like to avoid!

If you are interested in knowing more, you can visit websites like Brain Sparkler to get an insight on the subject!