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If you have been involved in an accident on the road, at work or as a result of a trip or slip you may be entitled to compensation. You can get help, advice and assistance by talking to a specialist personal injury solicitor. Most solicitors have a client focused approach and will represent you with professionalism and care, on a no win no fee basis. Compensation is usually paid in full without any deductions. Win or lose there is generally no charge.

If you call a personal injury solicitor, you will receive expert legal assistance and court representation no matter what the circumstances. Perhaps you suffered a criminal assault or perhaps your injury occurred while driving or being driven or maybe you have been hurt at work. Even a slip or trip on a street while shopping or while walking in a park might entitle you to damages.


Sometimes it’s too easy to under-estimate the trauma such an episode can bring and it’s only right that you are compensated for mental and physical suffering. A qualified solicitor will be able to help you with :


Accidents at Work

Your employer is under a legal obligation to have Employers Liability Insurance. Don’t feel bad that you might put them out of pocket – if you have been injured at work there should be insurance funding to compensate you.


Road Accidents

You can obtain damages if you’ve suffered injury in an accident on the road, whether you were the driver, rider, a passenger or a pedestrian. If someone else was responsible for your injury and the accident occurred less than three years ago, there’s a good chance you can claim compensation.


Slips and trips

After slipping or tripping on public or private land, any injury you sustained may justify the payment of compensation – just make sure you claim within three years of the accident




A specialist personal injury law solicitor should be advising you from the very start of your claim. The solicitor will initiate and conclude your compensation claim, including gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, negotiating settlement with the third party or their insurers and, if it becomes necessary, taking the matter to court.


Compensation that can be claimed on your behalf by your personal injury law solicitor may include: –


damages for pain and suffering

expense incurred as a result of medical treatment

loss of income both in the past and estimated for the future

damage sustained to personal property including motor vehicles

any help and assistance required

reduced employability prospects in the future

other losses and legal expenses


Having decided to take legal action you must think carefully about which personal injury law solicitor is best for you and your case. While making this choice you should consider both the experience and the success rate that a solicitor has had in such cases. It is fundamental when choosing legal representation to deal with an accident on your behalf, that you ensure that the solicitor belongs to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) panel of personal injury experts. The panel is made up of only those who specialise in and have experience of settling accident claims. They must show detailed knowledge of all relevant areas of law, ethical issues and advocacy skills.


After an accident it’s important to collect evidence to assist your personal injury lawyer to substantiate your claim. In particular: –


Ensure you exchange contact details and names with the other parties involved in the accident and take the registration numbers of other vehicles involved.

Take the details of any witnesses present at the scene and ask for the names of investigating officers and policemen.

Be meticulous about the details of the accident, including registration numbers, drivers’ names, the vehicles’ colours and the precise location of the accident.

If possible, take pictures of the scene, of the injuries and any damage.

Get a medical check-up immediately after the accident.

Record a daily diary of details of all injuries and losses.

Ensure the case is officially reported.