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UK Online Wills and Contested Probate Solicitors

Because of the nature of this work, which does involve a degree of personal input the term ‘online will‘ is not strictly correct as most wills and probate solicitors do also resort to email, post and telephones however ALL wills and probate work can be carried out without the necessity to attend at a solicitors offices and for a will it usually involves little more than a few telephone calls to take detailed instructions followed by receipt in the post of a will for signature with detailed instructions about lawful execution of the document.

There are a number of non-lawyer United Kingdom legal services offering ‘online wills’ on the Internet however don’t be fooled into thinking that you will always receive a premium service at low cost. The fact is that most wills and probate solicitors are able to match or in many cases beat the charges levied by these organisations whilst at the same time providing a qualified, insured product that meets the requirements of current legislation.

Firms that sell DIY will packs often describe themselves a selling online wills however it must be stated that without a professional checking the document over prior to signature and final execution of the document there is a real risk that assets will not be distributed following probate in accordance with your wishes and in a worst case scenario the State can step in to legally claim everything.

Online wills provided by anyone other than a qualified wills and probate solicitor can fail for any number of reasons with possible involvement of a contested probate solicitor, the most common of which are outlined below :

  • failure to properly sign and finally execute the documentation in accordance with the law makes the document wholly void and totally invalid
  • the State can in certain cases step in to the probate of a will and  claim assets that are not distributed to beneficiaries even though the will has been properly executed and is valid
  • the circumstances of family members and friends can change, and account must be taken of births, marriages, deaths and civil partnerships but in particular divorce has serious ramifications
  • cutting out dependents who can contest probate on the basis that they have a prior claim to income and assets
  • a potential beneficiary who unfairly involves themselves in preparation or witnesses the document is by law precluded from taking their potential share

The purpose of a will is to distribute assets in accordance with the testators wishes after death. This is an important function as many of us leave substantial assets bearing in mind the average value of houses in the United Kingdom. It is therefore important that you have the peace of mind that all matters will be adequately resolved after your death and that loved ones will not find it necessary to become involved in legal action by a UK contested probate solicitor to establish their rights as a result of an inadequately drafted or improperly executed document.

When most solicitors are making a will, they use modern will precedents that have been written in plain English. You should not be bamboozled by legal jargon either on the telephone or in the documents. Most solicitors charges for producing a will are very reasonable and depend on the amount of work necessary to carry out your instructions. Almost all solicitors are able to provide you with a quotation over the telephone and offer discounts for family wills or mirror wills for spouses.