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Top 6 Restaurants with Great Ghanaian Food

Have you tried Fufu, the national dish of Ghana?

It is a starchy side dish that can be eaten with stews and sauce-based dishes.

Ghanaian food has great taste and flavors to it.

If you are really looking to try great Ghanaian food then do read this article.

In this article, I will tell you the top six restaurants which serve tasty Ghanaian dishes.

So, let’s find out.

What is Ghanaian Cuisine?

Every country has its famous local dishes that they create and serve with love and care. Ghanaian cuisine belongs to the people of Ghana. The main dishes of Ghanaian foods are mostly starchy staple food which is served with a sauce or soup containing a protein source. The soups and stews contain tomatoes, hot peppers, and onions.

Top 6 Restaurants for Ghanaian Food

1.   The Gold Coast Restaurant

If you want to have your food in an environment that has a touch of Afrocentrism then Gold Coast Restaurant is your go-to place. It is located near Airport residential area and serves drinks, food, and entertainment. You can find a great variety of Ghanaian dishes, Chinese, and Caribbean food. They not only have dine-in service but they also deliver food at affordable prices.

2.   The Buka Restaurant

Buka restaurant serves food from across the West African region, no one gets left out. They have food that you can serve on corporate lunches and dinners. They also deliver food so you can place your order if you have a workplace lunch meeting.

3.   Azmera

Azmera has great Ghanaian food choices which show the diverse Ghanaian ethnicity. They offer ala carte as well as the buffet. They have a separate Xpress Specials Menu that has 10 food dishes and their prices are as low as GHC 25. They also deliver food to all parts of the city and charge as low as GHC 10.

4.   Living Room

Living room restaurant is located in East Legon and they serve the best local meals including, fufu, banku and tilapia, red red stew (fried plantain and beans), etc. They also have a daily special dish that incorporates different local dishes each day. And all these dishes are available at affordable prices. They also deliver food to your doorstep. Living room also has a live band session which creates a fun and relaxing environment.

5.   Red Chilli

Red chilli provides fresh quality meals just like homemade food. They also deliver their food. The portion size served by Red chilli is good and at very reasonable price. You will get quantity and value at a great price.

6.   Chop Shop Ghana

Chop Shop Ghana is famous for its healthy food choices. You can get your favorite Ghanaian food made with oil and spices that are good for health-conscious people. Chop Shop Ghana has dine-in as well as delivery service.

So, do try Ghanaian food at these six amazing restaurants in Accra, Ghana. You will not only love the food at their restaurant but can also enjoy delicious hot food with comfort at your home through delivery.