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The superpowers of your smile

People know, consciously or unconsciously, what power a smile can possess. Under certain circumstances it can even move mountains. Therefore, many people spare neither cost nor effort to conjure the perfect smile on their own faces. Currently, there are many methods that can improve the appearance of our smile. From teeth whitening to the application of fixed orthodontic braces to innovative methods of tooth correction – invisible splints from SmileMeUp. But why are we prepared to take such measures? Does a smile really have such a breath-taking effect on the psyche that it would justify it? What is the real impact of a smile?

Smile as a fountain of youth

Studies show that a sympathetic smile made older people look younger, while non-smiling candidates of the same age were classified as older. So pull up the corners of your mouth and enjoy this great side effect!

Smile as a diet

Smile can make you look thinner. In one study, participants were shown various photos of smokers and non-smokers, with those without smiles on their faces being rated heavier than the others. Put on your smile and the pounds will almost melt down from you.

Smile as a good mood maker

Smiling, whether natural or forced, creates a good mood and conveys a feeling of well-being. The brain is moved to secrete happiness hormones, even more than when consuming chocolate or volunteering abroad. But you still don’t have to do without chocolate. Imagine how happy your brain should be when you enjoy chocolate AND smile at the same time!

Smile as a career boost

A confident smile conveys competence. Often smiling employees are highly regarded by colleagues and superiors and are more popular. In addition, they are seen as more capable employees than employees who are always in a bad mood. A simple smile could therefore serve as a shortcut to the next promotion.

Smile is contagious

A big smile that goes from ear to ear tempts others to smile back as well. If you want to help your fellow human beings and improve their mood, just smile. For your smile has the power to illuminate the darkness and inspire others.