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The Home Workout Plan for Seniors: How to Master Chair Exercises in 30 Days

Product Features

  • The Home Workout Plan for Seniors How to Master Chair Exercises in 30 Days
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(as of 10/15/2020 09:13 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Are you concerned about your balance, building strength and maintaining independence? Wouldn’t it be nice having a simple step-by-step exercise plan to do on your own at home? Most importantly, won’t you have a better piece of mind knowing it’s a safe and proven fitness routine specifically for senior citizens?
Then, The Home Workout Plan: How to Master Chair Exercises in 30 Days has your answer in a short, concise book you can read in less than an hour. That way you can get your information, exercise today and maintain a great quality of life!

In this health and fitness short read, you’ll get:

  • 34 seated exercises with additional modifications
  • Exercises ideal for the unconditioned to the active senior
  • Brief and straightforward instructions of each exercise
  • A reliable and tested 30-day workout plan
  • Helpful guidelines and tips to get the most from your workouts
  • Over 34 full-color pictures for a better understanding
  • And, so much more!

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