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Combating free radical activity is essential for our well-being. What are the fruits with the greatest antioxidant power? Let’s find out together with the ORAC classification.

Some foods, fruit in particular, are rich in natural antioxidants, substances that protect the body from the negative action of free radicals and prevent cell damage, slowing down oxidative processes and therefore the degeneration of senile and some diseases such as cancer.

During normal metabolic processes, in fact, a minimum amount of oxygen gives life in our body to free radicals, waste molecules that damage our DNA and cells because they are very unstable, as they have only one electron. These molecules are always in search of an equilibrium, therefore of an electron to “steal” from the other molecules, thus provoking a process of degeneration of the tissues.

To defend itself, our body neutralizes the activity of free radicals with substances that synthesizes autonomously, and with others present in food, precisely antioxidant substances.

How do we know what the antioxidant power of food is?

Simple, following the ORAC classification.

The Oxygen Radicals Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) classification is a table developed by the US Department of Agriculture, which classifies all foods by establishing a precise ORAC value for each.

Let us then take a look at the ORAC values of fruit:

Pomegranate juice 100 gr = 6000 ORAC
Pomegranate 100 gr = 3300 ORAC
Black grape juice 1 glass = 5200 ORAC
Black grapes one bunch = 600 ORAC
Black raisin 1 tablespoon = 400 ORAC
White grapes 1 bunch = 360 ORAC
Bilberry juice 1 cup = 3500 ORAC
Sheath 100 gr = 2550 ORAC
Blackberries and berries 100 gr = 1500 ORAC
Black plum = 500 ORAC
Grapefruit juice 1 glass = 1300ORAC
Pink grapefruit = 1200 ORAC
Cherries a handful = 600 ORAC
Melanocarp harony 100 gr = 8000 ORAC
Kiwi = 600 ORAC
Strawberries 100 gr = 1200 ORAC
Orange juice 1 glass = 1150 ORAC
Orange = 1000 ORAC
Plum = 700 ORAC
Avocado = 570 ORAC
Apple = 300 ORAC
Fishing = 250 ORAC
Banana = 225 ORAC
Pear = 220 ORAC
Melon 1 slice = 100 ORAC
Apricot = 50 ORAC

We should remember that the recommended daily ORAC value is 5000 ORAC, although it can vary greatly from person to person and depending on lifestyle. For example, people who do sports need more antioxidants.

In any case, to limit the production of free radicals it is important to follow a diet with a low calorie intake, low fat and foods such as cold cuts, fresh cheeses, fried food, meat especially grilled. In general, the foods in the top two places in the ORAC ranking are cocoa and green tea.

Our advice is to follow a balanced, healthy diet, rich in fruit and vegetables. The foods we have seen in the ORAC fruit classification, we can eat them whole and milkshakes, or preparing tasty centrifuges: in any case, they will not lose their natural antioxidant power.