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The Dangers of Loud Music

Studies reveal that prolonged exposure to sound can have a detrimental effect on your wellbeing. We live in a world where we hear the sound of rumbling airplanes, shrieking bullet trains, and screeching car alarms. Just thinking about such sounds makes us want to cover our ears. The thing about loud noises is that they can get under our skin. It is due to this reason that people are switching to true wireless stereo earphones to take care of their health.

Research Conducted By Mainz University Medical Center

A study was conducted by Mainz University Medical Center in Germany wherein it was found that an increasing amount of noise throws or heart out of rhythm. It is known as atrial fibrillation. Being exposed to loud sounds leads to irregular heart beat which causes stroke, blood clots, and heart failure. Remember, anything that creates changes in blood pressure, irritation, or agitation can easily trigger fibrillation. Thus, it makes sense that irritable noise has the potential to trigger such a response.

There have been various studies which have revealed just how risky it is to be exposed to long-term noise. Besides just the level of sound, the type of sound we listen to is also to blame. Who complains about the sound of heavy rain? As humans, we tend to prioritize what we hear rather than how its level of sound. It is due to this reason that even when asleep, our brain listens to our surroundings. Hence, if there is traffic outside our home, it would trigger the body to produce cortisol which is the stress hormone. This is how loud music affects you.

  1. It Impacts Your Hearing

When our ears are bombarded by noise, they feel funny. The reason why we feel in such a way is because loud music or noise damages or destroys hair cells in our hearing organ. Our ears have around 10,000 tiny hair cells inside them. They are responsible for turning each sound into an electrical signal. The signals are transferred to our hearing centres and allow us to appreciate music and sound while ensuring that unnecessary background noise is minimized. When you listen to loud music, it damages these hair cells which results in hearing loss.

  1. The Brain Becomes Inflamed

Recent studies have discovered that loud music not only hurts our ears but it also inflames our brain. When you listen to loud noise, it damages the delicate nerve endings which are responsible for transferring electrical information to the brain. This causes an inflammatory reaction in our brain. Studies show that there is a connection between hearing loss and a loss of cognition such as in the case of dementia.

  1. Our Mood Darkens

Just think about working somewhere that has a smoke alarm which goes off constantly. It would most definitely ruin your mood. Therefore, the same is observed when you listen to loud music. It causes anxiety and irritability.


Rather than listening to loud music, you should listen to music with low to medium volume. Buy earbuds that help ensure that you do not listen to loud music.