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Technology and Fitness – a marriage made in heaven

Fitness can be defined as a condition of being able to function properly and be healthy. Health and fitness are directly related to one another. If you are fit, you are probably healthy as well.

That said, it comes as no surprise that the majority of us don’t necessarily live healthy lives. We are so reliant on fast foods and other unhealthy products, that society as a whole has become unhealthy and unfit. Not surprisingly, unhealthy behavior is the lead cause of many diseases and health problems around the world.


Technology and fitness:

The world has become so advanced and developed, that being healthy and fit now is just an app away.

We have access to many mobile apps that help us remain healthy and fit. These apps are on our phones so we can easily use them anywhere and anytime. They help us in a variety of ways. They’re easy to use and environment friendly. One can be able to use these apps and remain fit.


Different apps for health and fitness:

Here are some of the major apps that help us to be healthy and fit without any side effects.


  1. Fitbit

Since 2007, Fitbit has launched many different wireless-enabled fitness technologies to market. Many of their trackers measure critical health data points like distance, number of steps, quality of sleep or heart rate. In addition to making some of the most popular trackers in the world (Fitbit has sold over 76 million devices since 2010), the company is also known for its amazingly simple to use mobile app which works with all the different Fitbit models. This app has become really popular among individuals buying trackers. Deemed as one of the most user-friendly and intuitive apps on the market, Fitbit has contributed to the commercialization of one of the most popular healthcare trends in the world: wearable devices that give you instant insights into your cardiovascular activity. And that’s why Fitbit tops our list of the most impressive fitness apps on the market today.


2) Apple Watch Series 5:

Another amazing app that arrived in 2018 is the mobile app that accompanies the Apple Watch Series 5. This app helps users learn about various medical issues they may be suffering from. Rolling out one of the greatest health technologies in 2018,  the Apple Watch Series 5 includes the ability to perform EKG readings to tell people whether they’re having any heart health issues. Supporters claim the watch will make overweight people exercise more by providing them with critical information about their vitals. Meanwhile, detractors are afraid that users will look too much into the readings and go to hospital more often. Regardless of what side of the debate you may be on, the health app powered by the Apple Watch is one of the simplest and most intuitive apps launched on the market in 2018.


3) 7 minute app

Nowadays we hardly find time for ourselves. We are so busy that we get no time to pamper ourselves. We don’t have time to give ourselves the attention we need in order to remain healthy and fit. Don’t worry!  With the 7 Minute App, we got it all right here. Now we can use the 7 minute app to exercise and remain healthy and fit. This app tells us about exercises we can do in only 7 minutes to remain fit. The app has multiple free modules a user can choose from. And for an added fee, the app allows busy professionals to create custom workout schedules that fit their hectic lifestyles.


4) MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is another fitness app that has become popular at a global scale. This app tells us about all the calories that we are using from our food during the day. We can enter all the food items that we’ve eaten, and the app will automatically alert users of their calorie intake at a meal level (aka breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks). MyFitnessPal app also allows users to set calorie limits at a daily basis and measures progress towards meeting those goals. But another amazing aspect of this app is tied to their open APIs. In simpler terms, the app allows you to pull data from multiple sources and push data to other apps as well. So, for example, if you’re using a Fitbit device or an Apple watch while exercising (two of almost one hundred integrations within the app!), MyFitness app will use the exercise data to change the calories intake you’re allowed to eat on a daily basis based on your workouts. MyFitnessPal is a fantastic example of multiple technologies working in tandem to allow users to live healthier lifestyles.


5) Lose It!

LoseIt! is another amazing app. It wants users to lose weight and helps them stay on track. Users enter their current weight, height, age  and set their “goal weight”. Once a user’s profile has been completed, the app automatically generates a custom diet plan based on their overall objectives. Moreover, it automatically recognizes the food that we’re eating and records the total calorie amount. The fun does not end here. Lose It! also provides an ingredient list and warnings/ recommendations based on the food a users logs in the app. That way, users can stay away from substances and ingredients that are unhealthy and choose better options for their diet.

Naturally, these five apps are just a small number in a long list of health-related and fitness-related apps on the market. They just happen to be some of the most popular apps on the market, primarily due to their mass appeal, rich functionalities and large number of integrations with other devices and apps. What it your favorite fitness app in 2018?