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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-S0637 Twist-In Stepper Step Machine w/ Handlebar and LCD Monitor

Product Features

  • Twist "in" action helps tone thighs and Buttocks while achieving a cardiovascular workout
  • Work deep muscles in hard-to-reach places without putting stress on joints
  • Handle bar to help stabilize and minimize rotation in the hips
  • Oversized, slip resistance foot plates secures footing while in Use
  • Onboard computer LCD displays: stride per minute, time, calories burned, and step count
Price: $72.99
You Save: $45.01
(as of 05/25/2020 02:17 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Keep in step with the SF-S0637 twist in stepper with handlebar. Stepper uses a “step in” motion which creates a larger hip rotation. This hip rotation allows for more muscle activations in the quadriceps and glutes, thus burning more calories. The convenient handlebar can assist with balance and be used to increase the step rate. During the “twist in” motion the core is more engaged and is used to stabilize body. The twist in stepper has oversized non slip foot plates and sturdy steel construction to give the confidence to workout hard. Lcd digital monitor keeps track of strides per minute, time, step and calories with the easy to read built in. Keep you fitness focus and reach your goals with Sunny health and fitness SF-S0637 twist in stepper with handlebar.

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