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Sunmas Sm9065 Full Body Electronic Muscle Stimulation Toning Massager with Massage Belt and Arm Band -black

Product Features

  • Professional TENS unit device,Waist Belt,Arm Belt and 7 pcs reusable massage pads.
  • Pain relief for lower back arm Legs and abdominal,Trimming Excess Fat and Slimming Muscle Groups
  • Massage belt armlet to help tone your abdominal muscles.
  • Massage function, it can be applied to every part of the human body
  • It created as a stimulator for abdominal muscles provides a complete workout for the muscles and helps improve tone, overall strength, and creates a healthier body and perfect abs
(as of 02/26/2020 02:40 UTC - Details)

Product Description

SUNMAS Low Frequency Massager Belts Kit Model NO. SM9065 combines the bioelectrical magnetic wave technology with Chinese traditional acupuncture. With low frequent therapy technology, the devices transmit bioelectrical pulse to clean meridians and promote blood circulation so as to achieve the purpose of exercise and relaxation. SM9065 is a suit of Hi-tech massage products, it contains three main parts, namely controller, massage pads, slimming belt, which are all health-oriented massage instruments. The controller is powered by 2 AAA batteries, providing maximum portability during usage. You can wear it at home, work or during any other sports activity. Package Included Controller *1 Waist Belt *1 Arm Belt: * 2 Massage pads * 7 Extension Belt *1 Lead wire *2 AAA battery *2

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