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Special Sales: Yes4All Tricep V Shaped Press Down Bar / Closed Handle Cable Attachments (Combo T bar row + Double Grip Row) – ²JRXVZ

Product Features

  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: A double grip row 7.5"x6.5"x5.5" & a T-bar row platform 9.3" x 4.8" x 6"
  • HIGH QUALITY, ANTI-SLIP DOUBLE HANDLE: Made of solid steel, high polished Chrome finish, & textured hand grip for non-slipping & anti- corrosion
  • HEAVY-DUTY T-BAR ROW PLATFORM: Constructed of heavy duty steel with dual bushings fitting all 1" standard & 2" Olympic bars
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Simply a plug & play device by placing under rack tree or weight bench (2" tube) or bolted to the floor, easily fit it any workout spaces at home & gym
  • MULTI-WORKOUTS: Ideal to work out your back, traps, biceps, abs, hamstrings and more
Price: $37.99
(as of 09/18/2020 06:54 UTC - Details)

Product Description


Want to build up a solid back, strong shoulders and arms? Yes4All is proud to launch new revolutionary fitness equipment including Tricep Rope, V Shaped Press Down Bar, Rotating Straight Bar, Double Row Rotate Rubber, Chrome Double Row Rubber, Double Row Chrome, and Double Row Rotate Chrome and T Bar Row Platform.

Target fibers deep within the triceps
Emphasize the outer portion of the triceps muscle
Put greater emphasis on the long head
Strengthen the three muscles on the backs of your upper arms
Work your shoulders, abdominal muscles and upper back

EXERCISES: Full body workout pull downs, press downs, curls, crunches, kickbacks, bent over row, single leg deadlift, shrugs, choppers, pushing, pulling, knee bending or hip extending.

MUSCLES WORKED: Focus on Latissimus Dorsi, Teres Major and Minor, Deltoid, Rhomboids, Biceps, Pectoralis Major, and Tricep muscles.

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