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Sling Training: full body training with your own bodyweight

sling training

Sling training may appear simple at first, but it is not: It requires versatile and effective training procedures, ranging from isolation exercise to full body exercise. With this form of training, you always have a complete gym at hand because all you require is a suspension point and the weight of your body

Just two adjustable bands offer an all-around workout for every single part of the body. You can carry them around with ease and set up the TRX suspensions system at any location. Therefore, when you are on holiday or at work, you can carry one with you and do some exercise wherever you might be.

Engages the Entire Body 
The instability created by the sling suspension while you make different movements means that your core is gradually being activated. In addition to that, the functional movement means that most parts of your body are working at the same time, and this offers an all-rounded workout.

Benefits All Levels of Fitness 
Since you can adjust the body position to add or reduce resistance, it is easy for you to control how much you want to challenge your body in every training session. As a result, this form of training is a perfect workout for people at different fitness levels. Because of its usability while suspended, sling training is a low impact workout procedure, which allows individuals at different training levels to work out comfortably with minimal risk of developing injuries.

Highest Quality 
Sling training offers premium-quality workout for athletes with high demands. In most cases, only high-quality tools provide long-term impact and success. Suspension training uses materials used for climbing sports. Therefore, you can use them for tough exercises and in any weather.The maximum load that can be held by these suspensions is 200 Kg, which is much higher than the set standards.