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PRESSURE BIOFEEDBACK CORE STABILIZER core strength and stability trainer. Easy-read gauge and durable nylon air pillow. Free Video Training + instruction manual, carry bag and mobile training app.

Product Features

  • Includes FREE 12-Video Core Fitness Training Program, Belt and Mobile App. Great Ab Strength and Core Stabilization Exercises.
  • Lower Back Pain Relief Exercise Device for Abdominal Core Stabilization. Includes NeckCoach to strengthen deep neck flexors too.
  • Durable Nylon Coated Air Pillow (TPU, not PVC) for Pressure Bio Feedback.
  • Easy-read gauge with Target Zones Provides Real-Time Coaching to Develop Strong, Sturdy, Stable Abdominal Core
  • Technology Proven by Physical Therapists. Used by Pilates and Fitness Trainers. Now Available to Use at Home
(as of 09/19/2020 02:31 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Rock-solid core stabilization and abdominal core strengthening exercise product with dynamic feedback. Includes free 12-video program. Pressure biofeedback device improves core stability and provides back pain relief and strengthens to reduce the chance of painful back spasms. Gauge works like your personal coach to provide real-time feedback while working the correct abdominal muscles. Simply the best lower back pain relief exercise product. Pressure biofeedback devices like the Core Coach consist of an air pillow placed under the lumbar spine and a sensitive pressure gauge. The gauge measures a change in pressure while exercising the core. Since a strong, stable core does not move, the pressure reading on the gauge will remain steady. If the reading is moving, you have room to strengthen and stabilize your core. So the goal is simply to keep the needle on the gauge steady. It’s simple. Everyone from athletes to the everyday Joe think they know how to properly activate their core, especially their transverse abdominis (TVA). The reality is that few do it right. It requires the guidance of a pressure biofeedback device to coach people to stability. Unlike similar products the MyCore Health CoreCoach (formerly Kenzoco Core Stabilizer) is produced with a TPU nylon coated fabric, the same durable material used for camping matts. Unlike PVC, TPU holds a strong seal and is safe for human contact and the environment. Pressure bio-feedback devices have been used for decades. Many fitness trainers and Pilates instructors have started integrating pressure biofeedback into their abdominal core strengthening programs. The CHECK Institute requires that all their certified trainers teach the benefits of pressure biofeedback and use it with their clients. It’s simply the best back pain exercise product.

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