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Premium Quality Resistance Band Set: Stretchy Exercise Band (11 Piece Set) by FlintRehab

Product Features

  • Anti-snap Bands included: Yellow (3 Ibs.), Green (6 Ibs.), Red (10 Ibs.), Blue (20 Ibs.) and Black (30 Ibs.)
  • Accessories include: 2 soft-grip foam handles, 2 ankle straps and 1 door anchor, carrying bag, and exercise guide
  • Clip and combine bands to increase the weight
  • All FlintFit products include a one year manufacturer warranty on all parts.
  • Get 20% OFF when you purchase more than one FlintFit Resistance Band Set.
Price: $27.99
(as of 05/25/2020 05:02 UTC - Details)

Product Description

About The Product

High Quality Resistance Bands:
FlintFit Resistance Bands are made of anti-snap natural latex that will not break down over time. This means that the resistance for each band stays consistent.

A Superior Bands for a Great Workout:
These stretchy exercise bands are great for strength training or to help you lose calories, burn fat, or build muscle. This set comes with an example exercise guide to get you started which includes a workout for the arms, chest, abs, shoulders, back, and legs. Use these bands with any workout program like P90X, Insanity, or your personal workout program for calorie burning, or muscle building. Also great for physical therapy after a sports injury or neurologic stroke or brain injury.

FlintFit Resistance Band Kit Includes:
1.) Yellow resistance band (3-5 lbs)
2.) Green resistance band (6-8 lbs)
3.) Red resistance band (10-12 lbs)
4.) Blue resistance band (15-20 lbs)
5.) Black resistance band (25-30 lbs)
6.) 2 Foam handles
7.) 2 Ankle straps
8.) 1 door anchor
9.) 1 example exercise guide
10.) Carrying case
11.) 1 year warranty

About the Manufacturer
Flint Rehabilitation Devices, LLC is a US manufacturer and retailer of premium quality rehabilitation and exercise equipment. To learn more about our products, visit our website at or call us at 1-800-593-5468.

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