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Physiotherapy Brazilian Butt And Thigh Toner by LifeShop | Mini Body Shaper Massage And Cellulite Removal Therapy Controller and Gel Pads (Hot Pink/Black) (Replacement Gel Pad)

Product Features

  • Package Includes 2x Replacement Electrode Gel Resin Sheets. Butt & Thigh Lifting Kit Turns a Flat & Saggy Rear End Into a Round, Firm, Toned & Bikini Ready Shape!
  • LifeShop Bottom toning system uses toning technology for women to lift, shape and firm their butt and thighs to creating a new, beautiful and stylish look. This is clinically proven to work and bring results in just a few weeks.
  • Give your entire rear end a perfect concentrated butt workout flexing all the nerves in the target rear end area making them contract and relax to give you a sexy shapely butt.
  • Multiple modes and intensity levels fit perfect for your bodily needs and adjust as required. The cordless LifeShop Butt Toner will do the work for you while you while you watch TV or relax.
  • This device has shown positive results to improve and sculpt not only your butt, but also your thighs. Works to relieve muscle pain, just like an electric massage causing muscles to rhythmically contract and relax.
Price: $9.95
(as of 05/25/2020 06:29 UTC - Details)

Product Description

With this fitness massage pad you can easily train your tummy,
legs and bums and other problematic areas. Electric impulses
effect muscle tension, which leads to muscle shaping.
The fitness massage pad works without any gel.
Pads must not be placed over recent scar tissue,
varicose veins, enlarged moles or areas of injury/recent wounds;
Not suitable for people who suffer from heart disorders, diabetes,
epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or for pregnant women.
Item Dimensions: 3″ x 2.5″ x 0.75″ inches Weight: 5.9 oz

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