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Patient decree – the advantages of early precaution 

An important security basis for German citizens is the insurance policy. Germans in particular tend to be risk averse. In our familiar environment and in normal working life, however, countless risks lurk every day. These have to be grabbed by the hair and eliminated. Be prepared for an emergency, because that gives you the peace and quiet you need to concentrate on more important things.

If an accident occurs, a number of issues need to be clarified. Countless telephone calls and a mountain of paper with correspondence are just a few aspects. The loss of one’s ability to make decisions is associated with various limitations. It is therefore up to us to clarify things in advance. Having made all important decisions in advance can therefore prove to be very useful. To make a patient decree is the right choice for young and old.

What is a patient decree?

The classic patient decree regulates the base of your treatment. You alone determine these guidelines – and that in advance. If at any time you are not in a position to decide for yourself, this directive will take effect. You will be treated as you wish. If, however, you do not have a living will, you must expect a doctor to assume your own will. However, this is not possible without a power of attorney. In case of unclear differences of opinion between doctor and relatives, a court must be consulted. In addition to nursing and medical procedures, the patient decree also contains information on possible organ donation.

How long is a patient decree valid and how do I create it?

Your living will can be easily drawn up from home. You fill out a form online. You can do this at This information is valid for exactly 5 years. You should then adapt and update your data. Make sure you keep the document in a safe place that should also be accessible to family members.

Is a patient decree useful for me?

It is always worthwhile drawing up a living will, as you yourself decide how to proceed in an emergency. The decree often makes a difficult decision for relatives and acquaintances and represents a kind of security for all parties involved.