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Natural remedies for premature ejaculation

We are now talking about an all-male problem and very annoying, often not addressed in the right way out of shame: premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is a problem that happens to many men and at different times in life. Many more men than you think, because obviously there is a bit of shame and often does not come out.

There are drugs that delay ejaculation, but there are also excellent natural remedies. We assume that it is often a dysfunction generated by a psychological state, and in a few cases by organic or physiological causes. Technically it is the absence of voluntary control of the ejaculatory reflex, thus the achievement of very rapid orgasm. This also creates inconvenience for the partner, because in addition to dissatisfaction, in most cases, a sense of frustration, fragility and fear also occurs for the human being. It can become a vicious circle where it generates performance anxiety, which in turn amplifies the problem.

If we consider natural remedies for premature ejaculation from the herbal point of view, we come across a phytotherapeutic approach, because it is the one that best lends itself to intervene in the psychological cause of the patient. Stress, anxiety, frustration, trauma: these are the areas where premature ejaculation proliferates.



Bach flowers are a very good natural remedy. Let us see which ones specifically.

Impatiens: as the name suggests, it has to do with impatience: the man who cannot wait and expels the seed to the smallest stimulus, wants everything and immediately. People who are advised to take this natural remedy are impatient, they live with the fear of wasting time and their pace is obviously not compatible with that of their partner.

Elm: This is the remedy against heavy loads: the man who feels crushed by excessive responsibility, who goes beyond his forbearance and loses confidence in himself. The humus feels inadequate even in sexual intercourse. Elm is better able to withstand psychophysical stress, and it gives you energy and peace of mind.

Vitis: it is a remedy for man who feels the need for expansion and domination, who imposes his ideas with arrogance and does not listen to the other, suffocating him. These are usually ambitious and intransigent people. But these flowers can help to transform aggression into understanding in a harmonious way, giving the right value to the freedom of one’s own and partner’s freedom, pointing the way without imposing it.

Larch: This flower fights insecurity. Man has little self-confidence and drags himself into failure because he believes he cannot succeed in life. He often comes from extremely severe family situations, so he fears he is always wrong and is afraid of making mistakes and making a bad impression. Larch’s flowers help transform the sense of inferiority into self-esteem. larch

However, there are also natural homeopathic, ayurvedic and aromatherapeutic remedies that balance the psychophysical state. In most cases, these are unresolved psychological problems, anxiety and stress: plants such as valerian and passionflower can also help with their anxiolytic and relaxing properties. It is not easy, but living the relationship with more serenity, eliminating performance anxiety, is the best remedy to encourage self-control and counteract premature ejaculation.

Along with all this, sport and a healthy and balanced diet help a lot: the first to regain mastery of oneself and one’s body, the second to feel good and encourage self-control.

The best weapon, however, is to listen to each other. In many cases, dialogue is enough to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation.