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Losing weight with the protein diet

The protein diet is a nutritional regime based on a higher protein content than the traditional distribution of macronutrients, especially carbohydrates, taking advantage of the positive characteristics of proteins on slimming.

Of all these, it is perhaps the most used diet in recent years, because it attacks the fat mass as the Fat Decimator System does, leaving intact the lean mass (the muscles), thus compacting the tissues of the body and giving a tonic appearance. In addition to keeping hunger at bay for the high satiating power of proteins.
Another important aspect for those who choose this type of diet is the ease in following it: less drastic than other slimming treatments, it does not need a special and long maintenance period.


How does it work?

Proteins cannot be stored and provide few calories. Excess protein is automatically disposed of and then eliminated, which is the case with carbohydrates, which translate into body fat.

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Which foods to choose?

The foods rich in protein are mainly meat and fish: it is good to choose lean meat such as white turkey and chicken, or veal and beef, while as far as fish is concerned it would be better to avoid crustaceans, molluscs and fatty fish such as salmon.

We now divide the proteins into three categories: for weight maintenance, for the development of lean mass, for slimming. Let us choose the latter, so let us focus the choice of food we eat on low-fat dairy products, soya, beans, seafood, tofu and eggs, lean cheese, red meat, poultry and fish.

For a correct nutritional intake, it is necessary to take a certain amount of healthy proteins, present in foods such as nuts and seeds (sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, peanuts, almonds), soya and soya milk, legumes, hard cheeses (for example Parmesan cheese or aged pecorino cheese), medium pasta (Emmental), and soft pasta.

That said, a balanced and functional diet must not lack all the elements. We choose intelligent carbohydrates, i.e. those from fruit, vegetables and whole grains, which will also ensure the right amount of fibre (at least 25 grams per day).
Let us not forget about fruit and vegetables, let us choose wholemeal pasta and bread and let us try to eliminate carbonated drinks and spirits.


Beware, however: a long-term protein diet is stressful for the body, especially for the kidneys. It can be carried on for a maximum of one week, and repeated cyclically when needed.