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How to Find Running Shoes when you have Wide Feet?

Having the right running shoes is important if you want to keep comfortable. The wrong fit will hinder your progress as wells as hurt your feet. Most people may not realize this but buying running shoes with the right fit is a bit different from buying the casual ones. The running shoes are supposed to be bigger. On the other hand, if you have wider feet, then you have to be extra careful.

In the following post, we provide a few tips on how to choose proper wide shoes:


– The first tip is of course about ensuring how to get the right fit. There are 3 points to keep in mind. These include the wiggle room, midfoot holding, and the heel fit

– For the wiggle room, make sure that there is a width of at least 1 thumb between the longest toe and the front of the shoe

– For the midfoot, the shoes should be holding your foot at this place like you may hold it with your hand. It should be a gentle and comfortable fit

– For the fit around the heel, ensure that there is minimum slipping. The ideal situation would be no slipping at all

– It is possible that your running shoes don’t perfectly fit. This means they almost fit. This situation is quite common because the perfect fit is rare. Fortunately, you have the solution with the laces. Test if a little tightening or loosening of the laces makes the shoe fit more ideally on your foot

– When you buy the running shoes, don’t be too hasty with your testing. If possible, wear the shoes and try walking and running for some distance. Of course, this is not always possible given how you may be shopping. Look for an exchange guarantee. This will allow you to exchange the shoes for a different fit after you have tried them for some while after the purchase

– One of the most important things when buying running shoes for wide feet is to know your exact size. If you are buying at a shop, then they may measure the feet to find the right fit. Otherwise, you can do this on your own too. This will come in handy if you prefer buying online

– Your running style may also impact on what running shoes you choose. Apart from the right fit, choose a brand that offers variety to accommodate different running styles

– Don’t settle for a lower price if it requires you to make a compromise on the quality and comfort. Goo running shoes can last quite long. So you should not hesitate about spending a little extra if it means the health of your feet and being productive in your running



Running is an inexpensive hobby and of course, one that comes with plenty of health benefits. However, you can totally make more out of it with the high-quality and comfortable running shoes for your wide feet.