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Health problems among movers

Carrying out a move can bring health problems for the agents who perform it, because they have to perform all the action and requires a lot of movement and physical activity, as well as pressures due to time and the delicacy of the work.

In the first instance, removal agents have to take care of the entire process from packing to relocation. This means that they have to pack each good and transport it to the trucks to then place it in the new home, and then unpack it and place it as requested by the person who requested the service.

This requires the continuous use of arms and legs, in addition to a constant load on the back, as many of the goods are very heavy, mainly furniture. This can cause long-term back pain and weakening of bones and muscles, as well as constant mental pressure that can cause stress and other similar ills.

In addition, many movers have to transport over long distances, so they can even last hours behind the wheel, exposing them to the stress and problems of driving heavy vehicles. And they have to do everything within a certain timeframe, so in the event of any inconvenience, they have to work faster, resulting in more stress and fatigue. All of this can cause problems such as insomnia, muscle aches, extreme tiredness and other mental health problems.

Considerations to be taken into account by moving agents

Because the physical and mental burden on moving agents is high, they have to take certain considerations in order not to end up suffering serious discomfort when they reach an advanced age.

The most important thing is to maintain a good exercise routine, as this will help the muscles gain more endurance and support the load better, as well as increase the ability to withstand tiredness and fatigue and decrease the possibility of muscle injuries.
In addition, it is essential to rest as long as necessary. Moving agents, when performing arduous tasks of loading goods, demand more from the muscles, for which they need more rest time than other people. While a person who works all the time sitting could be satisfied with only 6 hours of sleep, for a moving agent this is not enough, so you should rest at least between 7 and 8 hours in a row to ensure that both mind and muscles settle properly.

And maybe that goes without saying, but a good breakfast is very important to avoid health problems among movers. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and not eating breakfast properly can cause the body not to acquire enough energy that it will need for the rest of the day, so it could cause the agents to fall asleep in the middle of the process.