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Electric Slimming Belt X5 Times Vibration Massage Weight Lose Belt Burning Fat Lose Weight Shake Belt Waist Trainer for Men & Women

Product Features

  • Power - Working voltage: AC 100-240v, Plug-in easy to use, no battery.
  • Strong vibration massage- 5 high-quality motors evenly distribute,operating around the body to massage,vibrating deeply to release over-used muscle. Effective to fitness, massage, slim and ease fatigue. Convenient plug-in design, no battery needed
  • Magnetic therapy - Multiple magnets form a 360° magnetic field, evenly massage all body parts. Two heating wires embedded in the belt,start heating in one minute,getting heat in high speed. A fast fat burner, effective to weight loss with balanced diet
  • Suitable for People: - 8 alternative massage programs, suitable for people who need different vibration intensity. The vibration intensity automatically changes in program A0. Ultra-thin belt can be used in most body parts you want(waist / back / buttocks / arms / legs / thighs / shoulders)
  • Package- Comes with AC adapter. Adjustable belt length, suitable for most people. Adjustable speed for most ages. To family and friends, give them a healthier life
Price: $28.99
(as of 05/26/2020 12:20 UTC - Details)

Product Description

The slimming belt is not wireless,it need to use the power connection the socket.

Microcomputer controlled weight-reducing belt Whatever age are,whatever generation we belong to,one thing is for sure.We are want to be healthy and fit.Life Style factors such as lack of physical activity,obesity,a high fat diet,stress,tension,alcohol and smoking innocently manifest themselves as diseases.

In order to keep you fit and slim,we have developed a microcomputer controlled weight-reducing belt.It is a healthcare product,which has been sold both at home,and abroad for more than 6 years.Using strong permanent magnets and 8 kinks of vibrating modes it stimulates the desired part and helps in increasing muscle tone & weight reduction.

Main Control Panel
Power(On/Off):Press this button to start the belt
Program:Program key includes 8 different kinds of vibrating modes when the LCD shows “0” is includes that the belt will automatically cover all the 8 modes Time:Time key includes 9 levels of work time(in min):5,10.15,20,25,30,35,40& FF FF indicates continuous working stale with no brake

Technical Details
Input Voltage:AC 100V/220V
Current of Non Work
Time:Less than 200mA
Work Current:Less than 800mA
Noise:Less than 50db

Not To Be Used By:
Patients using pace-maker,or metallic implants in bones
Pregnant Women
With 6 months of surgery
Menstruation and Menorrahgin(Excessive Bleeding)in Women Patients with kidney failure-on Dialysis
Patients with bleeding piles

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