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Dr Joey’s SKINNYCHEWS – Premium dark chocolate candies that help alleviate after dinner cravings and promote appetite control with less than 20 calories per chew. 30 chews per bag

Product Features

  • Why in dark chocolaty flavor? Dark Chocolate flavour was the healthiest and tastiest option to go with. Putting inulin in a dark chocolaty chew offered a LONG MOUTH FEEL that satisfied when people needed it most (after dinner or at 3pm!).
  • Skinnychews have 2 grams of INULIN FIBER per chew. Inulin fiber has been shown to be effective for appetite control and cravings. Inulin is a natural soluble fiber, made from chicory roots. As an ingredient, Inulin can add nutritional value to foods while improving taste and texture.
  • More benefits of Inulin? Inulin is a prebiotic fibre that is fermented in the lower intestine by the beneficial bacteria, bifidobacteria. Because Inulin is a lower calorie carbohydrate it is beneficial in foods aiding in weight management.
  • Other Benefits of Inulin? Following the consumption of inulin, blood sugar levels are not elevated making it a quality sugar substitute in foods for diabetics. Also Inulin is a soluble fiber which may help maintain regularity.
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Product Description

Afternoon snacking and nighttime cravings can often get in the way of healthy eating. This is why I have created Skinnychews – the perfect chocolaty indulgence! Next time you have a sweet tooth or a hunger pang that just will not quit, enjoy a chocolaty Skinnychews. With less than 20 calories per chew and a high source of fiber in every serving, these irresistible chews are satisfying, delicious and convenient –Dr. Joey Shulman. Product is MADE IN THE U.S.A.

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