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Doorway Fitness Tower: Adjustable n Portable Multi Functional Power Tower / Pull up bar Chin up bar Push up Dip station Asb Legs +72 Workout Variation / Total Body Home Gym Solution / All in 1

Product Features

  • The only Doorway Gym wits a Full Dip, Abs, Pull & Push Up Station. Designed to workout the entire body. 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEED
  • Back Support to protect the Lower Back. A new way to workout the abdominals on Parallel Bar with full control of the body, avoiding swing back and forward during abdominal exercises
  • The Back and Arms/elbows Support are removable to perform other exercises and better storage after use
  • Unique vertical and removable Telescopic Parallel Bar to fit different size of People
  • TIPS: If your doorframe measures more than 34 inches, remove the plastic plugs that cover the end of each 1-inch bars of the DFT. Get 6 pieces of 3/4 inches bar, put it inside of each 1-inch bars of the DFT to extend the reach range from 34 to 40 inches or more. Do not forget to put back the foam protectors at the end of each 3/4 inc. extension bar.
(as of 05/25/2020 08:57 UTC - Details)

Product Description

The Doorway Fitness Tower is the first Home Gym device that introduces in the Doorway System, a new option to exercise the abdominals on Parallel Bar, with full control of the body, avoiding swing back and forward, during abdominal exercises. Vertical Leg Hip Raise on Parallel Bar, is one of the most effective exercise to define the lower abs. Dip exercise on Parallel Bar is definitely the most effective bodyweight exercise to increasing chest and triceps strength. The DFT is the first device that introduces the dip exercise on a real Parallel Bar in the Doorway System. The Horizontal Pull Up is an excellent exercise for building strength in your shoulders, biceps and back. This exercise is the best choice for beginners or for individual that for any reason can’t do a regular chin up in the high bar. DFT is an evolution of the “Doorway Gym System”. DFT is a unique design that offers the same functionality as the Fitness Tower and more support and workout options, by being lightweight, multifunctional, portable and very convenient. The DFT gives you the freedom to work your entire body on one piece of equipment: squats (and single-leg squats), lunges, push-ups, triceps extensions, leg raises, pull-ups, stretches, and more. With a few simple adjustments, you can adapt the exercises from beginner to advance, allowing you to challenge yourself, as you get stronger so you won’t have to keep buying new heavier weights. The DFT is made with high steel: vertical parallel bars 1.5 thickness and Horizontal parallel bars 2.0 thickness. That means that this high steel can support until 250lb. We recommend 200lb maximum because most of the people who weigh more can’t lift their own body weight and some door frames are not strong enough to support more than 200lb. However, if you weigh between 200lb and you are strong enough to lift your own body weight. No problem with the exception of Dip you can still do most of the exercises that this device offer.

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