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Everyone is affected by sore throats, but few know what natural remedies are available to treat it. Let us see what they are.

Throat pain is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the pharynx that typically affects many people in the winter months. The causes can be various: viruses or bacteria, strong changes in temperature, smoking and alcohol, exposure to irritants, use of voice too strong and prolonged.

Symptoms can also be among the most varied, although we commonly include them all in the definition of sore throat: feeling irritated or redness of the throat, difficulty swallowing, secretions, tingling, coughing… And it can be a symptom in reality of other diseases coming.

How can we fight it? Let us try first with natural remedies. Here are some.

Apple vinegar: it has antibacterial properties and we can use it by mixing it a little in a hot drink (a herbal tea, an infusion) or in a simple glass of water, and rinsing the throat with gargling.


Onions: few know this, but it is an extraordinary remedy for sore throats, a natural antibiotic. The best use to fight small seasonal problems is to prepare a herbal tea with water and onion peels: half an onion in a cup, bring it to the boil and let it cool. Not everyone likes, maybe better to sweeten, maybe with a little honey, our next natural remedy.

Honey: the prince of grandmother’s remedies. How many times have we heard this as children? A teaspoon of honey, perhaps melted in a herbal tea, is ideal. Grandma would be proud of us.

Lemon: other natural remedy and at home. Lemon has antibacterial properties, thus disinfects the oral cavity and can be taken naturally (a little too strong, perhaps), in hot drinks such as a herbal tea or tea, or cold as a lemonade.


Propolis: is a substance produced by bees together with honey. The effects are so popular, and the taste so sweet, that we often find it in candy for sore throats.

Liquorice: this also comes from grandmother’s advice as a remedy for sore throats. It can be chewed in the form of a stick and helps to clear the throat and relieve pain. Or we can prepare a herbal tea or an infusion. In herbal medicine we find them ready to put in boiling water.

Sage: is an aromatic plant with healing effects and antibacterial properties. Dried leaves are used to prepare infusions with a penetrating smell and taste, which also help digestion. However, we can also put it in boiling water and let it cool down for use with gargling.


Ginger: last but not least, it is the king of natural remedies against sore throats, the most powerful. We can eat a fresh or candied piece of it. Immediate and guaranteed effect.