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Chlorella algae and chlorella supplement – properties and benefits for your health

Today we discover the properties and benefits of chlorella seaweed, the natural supplement for detoxifying the body.


Chlorella seaweed is a freshwater single-celled seaweed that is widespread in equatorial Africa. It is considered a detoxifier for the human body because it helps the expulsion of waste and counteracts the accumulation of heavy metals, and as a supplement is also useful to reduce inflammation and the effects of allergic reactions.



Nutritional science and biology have been studying chlorella seaweed for years for its detoxifying and health benefits. There are many supplements that contain this alga with beneficial and nutritious properties. Precisely, it was discovered in the 1950s and in the scientific imagination it could have been used to combat hunger in the world.


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Years later, chlorella seaweed was back in vogue in the laboratories of companies specialising in the production of food supplements: it is an extraordinary reconstituent and contains a high concentration of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, fibre, vitamins and mineral salts.



In addition to its toning effects and its use as a reconstituent, chlorella has excellent detoxifying effects. It is a great help to the liver, the body responsible for filtering and purifying hazardous or harmful substances, because it binds toxic substances present in heavy metals, in particular mercury (present in some goldfish, for example tuna).


In this case, the chlorella algae binds mercury and makes it eliminate directly with the faeces, thus relieving the liver work. The chlorella alga detoxifies and detoxifies the body.

Chlorella is also very useful for our metabolism, because it improves the ability of cells to respond to insulin, or our regulator of blood glucose levels.

But that’s not all: Chlorella also acts on the nervous and immune systems, because it helps the production of neurotransmitters thanks to the presence of folic acid and GABA and improves its functionality by preventing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s bite. It functions as a stimulator for the immune system, bringing benefits especially in the case of cancer therapies.

Good news also for vegetarians and vegans. Chlorella seaweed is an excellent dietary supplement, especially in the case of diets low in protein, iron and B vitamins, which are mostly present in food of animal origin. The amino acids present in chlorella are complete, unlike those in legumes.



When and how to take chlorella?

It depends on how we use it. As a purifier we should take it for a minimum period of one month, as a supplement even for longer periods of time.

We remind you that the use is not recommended in case of thyroid problems or particular allergies. Consulting your doctor is always the best advice.