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Category: Ankle Weights

A2ZCare Adjustable Ankle Weight / Wrist Weight Set with Neoprene Padding for Soft, Comfortable Feel (Green (2 lbs Pair))

WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE A2ZCare? If you seek to add challenge to your workout, please come to our ankle weights to be satisfied with significant benefits you have been longing for. Once the correct way of use has been seized, you are advised to freely match these tools with your daily exercises. BENEFITS: • Help […]


SHOUNg Reflective Ankle Weights / Wrist Weights with Adjustable Strap (Fuchsia, 2lbs)

SHOUNG Reflective Ankle Weights / Wrist Weights are the direct source to strengthen your ankle and wrist muscles while helping you in losing weight. SHOUNG ankle and wrist bands support your body during fitness workouts, walking, jogging, gymnasts, gym and aerobic exercises. SHOUNG reflective bands provide extra comfort to you due to its durable and […]


Zensufu Adjustable Ankle or Wrist Weights (1 LB)

Zensufu ankle or wrist weights are made of quality materials. Each set comes with a pair of weights. A convenient travel pouch is also included for exercise on the go. Zensufu is a registered trademark and protected by US trademark laws.


CAP Barbell HHA-CB020A1 Pair of 20-Pounds Adjustable Ankle Weights

The CAP Barbell 20 lb. Adjustable Ankle Weights will effectively tone and shape your muscles. Customize your workout by adding or removing weight without taking them off — these ankle weights have external pockets, so you can adjust the weight to suit your needs. Adjustable closures ensure a secure fit. CAP Barbell is a leading […]


Gaiam Fitness Ankle Weights (5lb Set)

Build lower body strength one step at a time with these comfort-fit, easy-adjust ankle weights. 5lb set (2 x 2.5lb weights)