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CBD for Weight Loss

CBD is a natural compound which is found in cannabis. It is quickly gaining popularity all over the world. It is said that CBD can help with weight loss, but is it true? Read on to find out. There are various uses of CBD, from reducing anxiety, depression to fighting acne. There has been an […]


Losing weight with the protein diet

The protein diet is a nutritional regime based on a higher protein content than the traditional distribution of macronutrients, especially carbohydrates, taking advantage of the positive characteristics of proteins on slimming. Of all these, it is perhaps the most used diet in recent years, because it attacks the fat mass as the Fat Decimator System […]


The dieters tea: Discover the Pu-Erh Tea.

Herbal teas offer the easiest way of as well as the safest means of weight loss, regardless of their safe ingredients,  herbal tea will offer you antioxidant benefits, will have to increase your metabolic rates, increase your energy levels and allow you to have greater control over your appetite. Some of the most revised herbal […]