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Core Gliding Discs Abdominal Exercise Sliders Equipment for Strength and Stability Training on Carpet and Hardwood Floors Black by Glamours

How to use: WORKS ON HARDWOOD AND CARPET – Whether you are at home, in the gym or on your travels,you can get a great workout with our dual sided gliding discs.One side smooth and hard plastic for use on the carpet, the other side is soft padded, for use on the hard wood flooring […]


Goplus Ab Trainer Abdominal Trainer Ab Vertical 5 Minute Shaper Waist Trainer Core Toner Ab Cruncher Fitness Machine Equipment W/ LED Counter

DescriptionGet in shape the easy way with the power plank abdominal trainer. Just spend five minutes a day and you’ll simply be surprised to see the weight loss results. Your daily workouts will greatly improve by performing reverse crunches with the abdominal exercise machine to gain rock hard abs, buns, and thighs. Perfect for both […]


Akonza Abdominal Core Power Ab Trainer Adjustable Workout Fitness Cruncher Station with LCD Display, Red/Black

Akonza presents the new Fitness Abdominal Trainer. This unisex trainer is constructed of a durable steel frame and can hold up to 225 pounds. Built with 4 different workout settings, you can give your abs, glutes, and thighs a quick and effective burn with a daily reverse crunch exercise.  You can easily stay updated on […]


E-Spark Exercise Gliding Discs Mat Smooth Board 2 Core Slider Discs for Strength and Stability – Abdominal and Glutes Exercise Slides for Home and Gym Work Out – Dual Sided for Carpet or Hard Floors

E-Spark Exercise Gliding Discs Your core Gliding Discs to deliver an incredible Core workout. 2 sided discs that can be used for a wide variety of exercises. Our sliders that can be used on practically all indoor surfaces. These exercise sliders are designed for low impact exercise, which can reduce impact and protect your tendons […]


Total Gym Fitness Dynamic Plank Core & Abdominal Trainer Blast Workout Machine

Shred that core and get the body you’ve always wanted from the comfort of your own living room with the effectiveness and convenience of the Total Gym Core Trainer Blast Machine. From ab-strengthening and toning planks and pikes to crunches, you can improve your balance and stability in no time. Whether you’re well on your […]


ProSource Abdominal AB Exercise Mat Core Trainer – High Density, Grey

ProSource ab mat is specifically designed to give you the ultimate and most effective abdominal workout. You will be able to target and isolate upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and even the lower back muscles. One size fits all. No matter if you are a beginner or pro, you can use ProSource Ab Mat. Lightweight, […]


PRESSURE BIOFEEDBACK CORE STABILIZER core strength and stability trainer. Easy-read gauge and durable nylon air pillow. Free Video Training + instruction manual, carry bag and mobile training app.

Rock-solid core stabilization and abdominal core strengthening exercise product with dynamic feedback. Includes free 12-video program. Pressure biofeedback device improves core stability and provides back pain relief and strengthens to reduce the chance of painful back spasms. Gauge works like your personal coach to provide real-time feedback while working the correct abdominal muscles. Simply the […]


Synergee Buff Blue Core Mat Ab Mat Abdominal Mat Sit-Up Pad – Abdominal Trainer Mat For Sit Up Routines And Six Pack

Truly one of the most effective pieces of work out equipment, the Synergee Core Mat helps athletes trim up their waists by improving on the original ab workout, the sit-up. Designed contoured to your lower back to provide support and to help prevent Injury during rigorous abdominal exercises. Use the Synergee core mat as an […]


Ab Wheel & Roller – Core & Abdominal Trainer – Portable and Double Wheel Carver for Strengthening & Shaping Arms, Abs, Shoulders, & Back – by Utopia Fitness

Our exercise core and abdominal trainer is an effective tool for strengthening arms, abs, shoulders, and back! It features single wheel with a steel rod through the center and comfortable grip handles ensuring no hand fatigue. Best of all it made of durable steel and strong PVC and PP plastic that allows it to withstand […]