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Carer Personal Use Cavitation Machine Radio Frequency Fat Removal Cellulite Reduce Body Shaping Equipment

Product Features

  • Carer Skin Tightening Device includes 3 modes---- Cavitation, Red Light, Radio frequency all in one device. It generally focusing on "cavitation effect" while stimulating the skin to tighten when followed by (RF). The red light can restore your skin's youthful appearance.
  • Body Massager is easy to operate, you can choose 3 different body shaping skin care modes. With the smooth Zinc Alloy probe following your body contours, you shall be feeling a very skin-friendly soft touch
  • During the use of Body Wrinkle Remove Device, it is recommended to maintain a relaxed mood, a healthy diet and appropriate exercise, will achieve twice the result with half the effort.
  • Radio Frequency Machine is applicable for the following parts: front of arm, belly,front part of leg,inside of leg, back, waist, hip,inside of calf and soon.
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Product Description

1. The device is not applicable for the following parts: face, neck, clavicular part, elbow, wrist, leg inside joint, knee, ankle, hindbrain, cervical vertebra and foot etc.

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