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Body by JAKE AB SCISSOR Exerciser Abdominal Crunch Workout Machine Core Trainer

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    Product Description

    Cut the fat and sculpt your abs in just four minutes a day with the revolutionary Body by Jake Ab Scissor – the only serious piece of home exercise equipment specifically designed to target and isolate your abdominal muscles! The Ab Scissor is the fun and easy way to cut the fat and sculpt your abs! You just jump on and go for a ride! You get four ab-chiseling workouts in one simple four minute routine. The Ab Scissor uses your own body weight to deliver five levels of ab-sculpting resistance. The patented Gravitational Linkage System TM puts your body in the perfect anatomical position to automatically firm and flatten your stomach in no time. Only the Ab Scissor targets your upper abs with the crunch motion, and your lower abs with the leg-raise motion at the same time. Then just turn the seat and carve away your love handles on both sides!

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