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Best 10 Souvenirs Made in Puerto Rico

When we travel to different places, we always buy souvenirs to take home.

Souvenirs remind us of the beautiful places we visited in our lives.

Some fans of souvenirs make a proper collection wall to display their souvenirs from around the world.

A souvenir is specialty of that city or country and is a great gift for your friends and family.

Puerto Rico is also one of the islands that are famous for its special souvenirs.

In this article, I will tell you about ten best souvenirs made in Puerto Rico.

So, let’s find out.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a small island that is a premier Caribbean destination for travelers. It is known for its unique culture, tasty food and world renowned music. You should buy local souvenirs to support local economy by keeping the money in Puerto Rico. Also, it helps local artisans and preserves Puerto Rican culture. You can buy the following 10 souvenirs made in Puerto Rico:

1.   Puerto Rican Coffee

Puerto Rico coffee is world famous and most gifted of all souvenirs. You can enjoy as well as buy coffee from cafes in Old Juan. So, if you have a friend who is a coffee lover then this souvenir would be great.

2.   Rum

Puerto Rico is famous for its rum and you can sample or buy rum from here. Most of the rum sold in the United States of America comes from Puerto Rico and they produce variety of flavors from coconut to lemon. There are huge varieties of rum brands that are famous so you can buy some flavors for yourself or your family as souvenirs.

3.   Skin Care

Puerto Rico has some great handmade bath products and soaps that you can always buy as souvenirs. A local brand, Caribbean Soaps is famous for its different soaps and bath products as they use local ingredients. Another great buy, is virgin or unrefined coconut oil as well as sea salts.

4.   Dulces Típicos (Traditional Candy)

If you have a sweet-tooth then Puerto Rico is the best place for you. The artisanal candy makers here use all the tropical fruits available on the island. You can get candies made from coconut, pineapple, guava, papaya, etc.

5.   Pilón

If you are like me who likes to buy kitchen accessories then Pilon is a useful souvenir for the kitchen. It is a wooden mortar and pestle that can crush ingredients. It is advised to buy pilon from a local artisan as they make it of original wood.

6.   Pique

Pique or Hot Sauce is Puerto Rican vinegar based hot sauce made in house at many restaurants and roadside stands. It is an inexpensive gift and light weight so you can bring it for a friend who is a food lover or just for yourself.

7.   Coconut Candles

A beautiful looking souvenir is the coconut candle. The candles are hand poured into a real coconut shell and fragranced with tropical aromas.

8.   Güiro and Maracas

If you are a music lover then buy a Güiro and Maracas. Güiro is an instrument used in folk music and Maracas is like rattler. To bring a cultural memory back home, you can buy these musical instruments.

9.   Local Jewelry

You can find beautiful local jewelry made of sea glass and coconut shells from San Juan. They are so original and pretty to wear.

10.                  T-Shirt

Either you buy keychains or T-shirts as souvenirs as a last minute buy. But if you are in Puerto Rico then buy T-shirts made by local artisans. They feature elements of Puerto Rico culture like Taíno hieroglyphics, important events and people of local importance.

Now, you know so many Puerto Rico souvenirs made locally so do buy them and support local economy as well as keep them as reminder of a great trip to the island. Mundo Taino, Puerto Rico Arts & Crafts, Caribbean Soaps, Galleria Artesanal are some of the famous local places to get your hands on the souvenirs.