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Amazon ImageIf you ask ten people what the top fat burners are in terms of exercise, they will probably tell you that you should be walking, swimming or playing a racquet or other ball sports for an hour several times a week – the more often the better. They may even suggest that the top fat burners at the gym are the treadmill, static bicycle or elliptical machine used at moderate pace three, four or five times a week.

They will tell you all that because it is still the normal recommended amount of exercise for someone who wants to keep fit and maintain their weight. All well and good but while that sort of aerobic exercise will burn some calories and will probably make you feel better in yourself, it won’t burn fat in the long term.

It will burn fat in the short term because the timescale and intensity of aerobic exercise uses stored fat for energy while your body is working. However, your body may then create more fat in preparation for your next aerobic session and that isn’t what you want.

In addition, while aerobic exercise is meant to be good for your heart and lungs, they can become so efficient at this easy type of workout that they won’t be able to handle any stressing exercise. Your body won’t increase its capabilities in this way because it isn’t being challenged.

If you challenge your body it will become stronger and better able to deal with stress. To do this you need to build up muscle by resistance training which will increase your metabolism, burn fat faster and lead to long term fitness.

If your current diet includes the amount of calorific energy needed to maintain your weight at its existing level and you then add lean muscle through weight training, some of those calories will be needed to feed that muscle, thus burning fat.

On top of that, as your body repairs after a decent resistance workout, it continues to use stored fat, so you actually continue to burn fat long after you’ve finished your workout. A proper workout will increase the ability of your cardiovascular system to undertake hard work, making it stronger and less prone to illness.

The best thing about this type of workout is that it doesn’t take long. It may be hard, but it will only take you 20 or 30 minutes say two or three times a week, so you’re more likely to stick with it, keeping healthy for the remainder of your life.


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