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The Right Reasons for Dieting

Amazon ImageThere are many reasons for dieting that my spur people on to weight loss but not all of them are the right ones. That said, if your reason works for you and you stay healthy then it can’t really be a wrong reason. If you need to lose weight, find a reason that will work for you.

The main reasons for dieting are weight loss and size reduction. Others can be fitting back into the clothes you were wearing a year ago rather than investing in a whole new wardrobe or fitting into a wedding dress or suit. Some people diet just to look as good as they can and others to avoid guilt because they know that they eat too much. Whatever your reason, if it spurs you on to succeed with this diet when you have failed in the past, then it has to be good.

Other reasons for dieting may include a desire to get fit and take part in a sport for the fresh air and camaraderie that comes with it, to say nothing of the social life (but watch the beer intake).

Some may wish just to prolong life. Maybe your doctor has suggested that shedding a few pounds could lower your cholesterol or ward of the risk of a heart attack or developing diabetes. Medical reasons can be powerful motivators.

If you are seriously overweight, you may lack the energy you need to enjoy time with your children. Children have bags of energy and if you can’t keep up playing football, running on the beach or in the woods, your children will go ahead without you. You will miss out on the fun and the memories so if you’re morbidly obese and your children are still too young to run about, lose some weight before they’re toddling so that you’re not the one to miss out on their childhood. After all, it doesn’t last long.

Revenge on a spouse or lover who has dumped you is an excellent motivator to start that diet and stick to it. Reappearing on the social scene looking svelte and ravishing has got to be the best revenge you can get and will go a long way to restoring your self esteem and getting you back in the swing of things.

No matter what your reasons for dieting are, if the work and you’re shedding that weight then they must be the right reasons, so stick with it and you’ll reach your goal weight.

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  1. The trouble with any pills is they all have side effects. Diet pills often work by preventing the body absorbing the fat in your diet, so it passes through the digestive system. Side effects include unpredictable bowel movements, possibly at very inappropriate times. It would be healthier to eat better, concentrating on unprocessed foods and raw foods such as veg and salads, as well as increase your exercise. If you drink alcohol, choosing water in between drinks will reduce the number of empty calories here.

    Doctors are unlikely to prescribe diet pills without trying more natural ideas first. Anything you can buy over the counter is a pharmaceutical scam – a purely money making business aimed towards the gullible. Anything might work on a temporary basis, but you will either need to up the dose later, or when you come off it, you put all the weight back on again, together with more.

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