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Preparing a Diet for Busy People

Amazon ImagePreparing a diet for busy people is a pain – Discuss. Most people find that the most difficult thing to cope with when trying to diet for weight loss is the time it takes to prepare proper, healthy, low fat meals and snacks. It’s far easier to put a casserole together that everyone in the family can eat or worse still, resort to the take away pizza rather than slaving away to prepare a healthy and nutritious meal.

Here are some tips for preparing a diet for busy people which will help you to avoid the drive thru and stick to the straight and narrow.

Plan your meals for the week so that you can buy all the ingredients you need as well as salad stuff and vegetables to accompany them.

Have a cooking session once a week, preferably with help from the family. If you encourage the family to join you in your healthy eating plan, then that will save you having to cook a separate meal every day for yourself. Using low fat ingredients prepare your meals, label them and put them in the freezer. If the family won’t play ball then you need to be smart and your family won’t even know that they’re eating anything different. You can have all easy casseroles and the like, just use lower fat ingredients and take a smaller portion for yourself. Accompany with plenty of vegetables and baked potato, rather than mash or fries.

Take a meal out of the freezer each morning and it will be ready to warm through when you’re all home from work or school, and even if you have to take the kids to football or dancing, you have no excuse not to stick to your diet.

Keep ready prepared fruit and veg in your fridge. Carrot batons keep in water for ages, divide broccoli and cauliflower into florets and seal in plastic bags; prepared runner beans will also keep well in a plastic bag. Oranges, nectarines, pineapple, peaches and melons of various types can be peeled and cubed and kept in plastic boxes or bowls. Use spring onions and cherry tomatoes for your salads as these need no preparation at all. Having all this ready prepared will help you to avoid high calorie snacks and will contribute towards your 5 a day. Keep low fat yoghurt and other desserts on hand too, either for use as snacks or dessert.

Planning and preparation in advance are a must for a diet for busy people. It will be like having pre-packed food but without the extra sugar, fat and additives.

If you’re too busy to go for a run or to the gym for a full length workout, incorporate exercises into your day. Take the stairs rather than the lift, walk fast rather than strolling and don’t park right by the entrance to the supermarket. There are also muscle toning exercises you can do such as pulling in and holding your stomach muscles when you’re waiting at the supermarket checkout.

Even with a family, preparing a diet for busy people doesn’t have to be that difficult, as long as you have a plan. Of course you can buy low calorie pre-prepared food from companies like Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine but it will be more expensive than doing it yourself. Follow these suggestions and the pre-preparation will soon become a habit.

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