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Fitness and Diet Plans

Amazon ImageThe two ingredients for a long and healthy life are fitness and diet. If you think that they’re the same thing they’re not. Just because you eat a healthy diet doesn’t mean that you’re fit and you can be physically fit even if you have appalling eating habits. The only way to succeed is to have fitness and diet plans that you more or less stick to so that they become your lifestyle.

Sure, it’s perfectly possible to lose weight by following a diet and you can also be fit whilst being overweight. However, if we live on high fat foods there’s nothing there to burn the fat; equally, you can exercise all you like but without the right fuel to build muscle, you’re wasting your time. This is why we need fitness and diet plans to follow until we’re used to the different way of living.

So when diet and fitness go hand in hand the whole process will work; your fitness routine will burn calories and the right diet will provide your body with the proper nutrients it needs to build muscle. Some people think that muscle weighs more or less than fat and while neither is true, a pound of muscle is less bulky than a pound of fat

Building muscle can also decrease measurements so don’t worry if the scales say exactly the same; if your jeans feel looser around the waist then your fitness and diet plans are working. Don’t ever forget this and become depressed and frustrated if the scales don’t say what you think they should – ignore them, they’re not important. What is important is that your jeans aren’t tight any more and that you can climb a flight of stairs without puffing and panting when you get to the top.

If you include fitness in your lifestyle plan then you can burn off the calories from any little treats you’ve indulged in but don’t indulge too often as those treats can affect your overall fitness.

The combination of diet and fitness plans can result in really good weight and inch loss but you do need to follow your plans and stick to them. Nothing good happens without hard work and you should remember this when your bored with your diet and fitness regime.

Follow your diet and fitness plans and you’ll soon forget that you used to live on burgers and pizza and hated exercise.

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