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Effective Weight Loss Programs

Amazon ImageThere are masses of effective weight loss programs but people are so different that what is useful for one individual may well not be especially useful for someone else.  There are a lot of variables; fore example the weight loss required, different specific dietary requirements such as vegetarianism or low sugar and lifestyle plays a part too.

If you are badly overweight and slightly sedentary but want to discover an effective weight loss program or have heart disease, diabetes or other serious ailments, you need to begin by making an appointment with  your doctor, nurse or dietician and begin with the  questions below.

  • Am I fat because I have something wrong with me or because of some drugs that I take?  If the response to either of these is “yes”, then your health care professional will talk about treatment with you.  If you have been suffering from an ailment which has been the cause of your overweight, then just treating that may cause you to start losing weight.
  • What is my ideal weight?
  • Around how long should it take me?

Your doctor will almost certainly want to ask you about what you eat and drink and how much, whether you smoke and whether you take any exercise.  Be truthful.  It was you who wanted to see the doctor not vice versa and he can’t help you if you don’t tell him precisely about your lifestyle.

Aside from helping you to slim down, your weight loss program needs to be good for a person in your specific state of health.  For instance if you have a heart complaint, you emphatically must have advice on safe exercise prior to you starting to rush around a squash court or attempting to run five miles.

Ask your health care professional to propose a diet and exercise program.  You can expect to be given a wholesome eating program which allows for a balance of the correct kind of foods.  Some foods will be controlled but I’m certain that you are aware of that.  The program must enable slow but constant weight loss.  It is safer to lose weight slowly and the weight will be gone forever and constant to ensure that you are driven to carry on.  The plan should also contain an exercise program which is suited to you.  If you are very obese, this may alter as you shed more weight and are capable of being more physically active.

Lastly, you will need a sustainment diet to enable you to make sure that the weight doesn’t come back, once you have lost it.  Hopefully, by now, you will have redeveloped your appetite and will not hunger for biscuits, sweets, cakes and all those other goodies that make you fat but give only a few nutrients, raising your blood sugar rapidly but making it to drop just as quickly, leaving you feeling hungry and hungering for food which is bad for you.


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