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Dieting Without Sacrifice

Amazon Imagedieting without sacrificeThe problem with dieting is that it’s seen as a punishment for overeating and as a consequence nobody expects to enjoy the food they eat when they’re on a diet, but actually dieting without sacrifice is perfectly possible. You don’t have to sacrifice flavour just because you can’t use lashings of butter or oil; there are plenty of other ways of flavouring food.

Spices are great for flavouring food. Sprinkle a little cumin powder or chilli powder on your fish or lean chicken before steaming or grilling it and the taste will jump out at you. Ground black pepper is good too and herbs are fantastic; try sage with your chicken or indeed sage an onion stuffing. It may have bread in it but actually it’s not much and the sage and the onion will really liven up that bird. Thyme, oregano and rosemary are good flavourings too and a chopped chives on a tomato salad mean that you won’t need oily dressing or mayonnaise.

Citrus fruits are another way of flavouring food without calories. Lemon juice is fantastic on fish or chicken, orange juice in salad dressing means you can minimise oil and lime with tuna or other oily fishes especially when combined with chilli is just dreamy.

Use up your left over chicken in a healthy wrap or salad for lunch or a wholemeal sandwich; don’t forget that you still need fibre when you’re on a diet to keep your insides working as they should.

Treat yourself occasionally, even when you’re on a diet. Low sugar sweets and desserts are readily available and high cocoa solids chocolate with no added sugar is tasty but not too moreish! Be aware though, that even low sugar treats contain calories so factor them in with the rest of your diet.

If you want to make dressings, use low fat mayonnaise, crème fraîche or yoghurt, in fact always choose low fat and low sugar options when you’re shopping. It will soon become a habit and you won’t want to eat high fat foods. You can make dips with the same ingredients and coupled with fresh raw vegetables these can provide tasty snacks or lunches without piling on the calories.

Always choose diet drinks and juices with no added sugar and keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. However, if you like a drink, choose a dry wine or a small spirit with calorie free mixer.

Dieting without sacrifice is far more likely to be a successful diet because you won’t be craving foods that you can’t have.


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