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Day Weight Loss Diet

Amazon ImageWhen I was researching some weight loss articles, I came across the term “day weight loss diet” and I wondered why someone would use that search term. Did they think that one could lose a significant amount of weight in one day, seven days, fourteen days – what?

The thing about dieting is that it is long term. Its purpose should be to retrain your eating habits not to shed five pounds in three days which you promptly put back on again, but to reduce your appetite. If your stomach expects less, you will eat less and you will eat more healthily, losing stored fat and this will only go back on if you start to eat junk again. If a weight loss diet says that you will lose weight in a day, it’s rubbish. If it says you only have to diet for a week or two, it’s still rubbish to some extent, but better.

If a weight loss diet says that it’s a lifestyle change, go for it, it will probably work if you stick to it. You need to persuade yourself that you no longer like sweets or cakes or whatever your particular downfall is. For a diet like that visit Fat Burning Kitchen.


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