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Best Fat Burner – 3 Vital Principles

Amazon ImageBy this time, most people have realised that building lean muscle is great for your metabolism and is the best fat burner, in addition to the many other advantages which allow you to live life as healthily as you can.

However, it’s a sad fact that the majority of people who do weight or resistance training at the gym do it for too long but without putting in enough effort.  That isn’t going to burn much fat.

The secret of building lean muscle and strength has three vital principles which are:

– Intensity
– Volume and Frequency
– Progression

Intensity means difficulty level, taking account of your present physical condition.  Volume and frequency are how much and often you do the training and progression means increasing the difficulty with each training session.

Usually, people who do weight training train for too long at a time and too often, as if they were doing aerobic exercise which is a completely different thing and is really aimed at fitness.  Whereas aerobic exercise would be of medium intensity for a period of thirty minutes to an hour several times a week but without the difficulty level changing, weight training performed in a similar way will have no appreciable fat burning benefit after the first couple of weeks.

For your body to burn fat effectively, you will need to combine enough intensity with an progressive increase in weight used and the number of repetitions done in the same space of time each and every time.

Interestingly, resting after weight training is as important as the training itself because if you train hard enough, you will very slightly injure your muscles and those injuries need time to mend before you work out again.  Failure to let the muscles repair will result in only very slight muscle building or fat burning so you need to rest for between one and three days after a proper resistance training session.

Many would be fat burners, particularly women, are alarmed by the concept of building muscle because they automatically imagine that they will end up looking like a professional body building with huge muscles.  That isn’t true, however, because most of us don’t have the genetic qualities needed to build muscle to the extent that it looks over developed.  In fact, most professional body builders take all sorts of hormones and supplements to ensure overly developed muscle.

Don’t forget as well that lean muscle is denser than fat, taking up less body space and thus making you smaller so without a doubt, the best fat burner is correctly done weight training, for both men and women.


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