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All about Face Recognition

From PINs, passwords, patterns, fingerprint, and iris biometric, the technology has advanced with time.

You might even have a smart phone that can unlock your phone just by scanning your face.

This technology is called ‘Face Recognition’.

With changing times, the privacy is at huge risk.

Scientists are trying to come up with more and more complex algorithms and encryptions to keep people safe from security breech.

One of the latest technologies is face recognition which is becoming a hot trend and companies are seeking to make it worthwhile.

Today, in this article, I will tell you what face recognition is, how it works and applications of face recognition technology.

So, let’s start.

What is Face Recognition?

Facial recognition is a process of identifying a person’s identity through its facial features. This is done through biometrics that maps facial features through a picture or video. The facial recognition market is expected to exceed $7 billion by 2022. Facial recognition has a lot of commercial uses from surveillance to marketing.

How it works?

Face detection is first step that detects and locates a person’s face either through picture or video. Then this analog information (face) is converted into digital information (data) based on facial features of the person. This second step is called face capture. It reads the distance between your eyes and the distance from forehead to chin.

The third step is face match, it verifies the data (facial features stored) with the person’s face (captured now).It matches both images from the database.

Applications of Face Recognition

  • Government

Government uses it for security or law enforcement purpose mostly. They are used on border checks to prevent any illegal entry of immigrants. The picture on passport is matched with the person’s face in real. Facial recognition CCTV cameras help in finding missing children or disoriented adults and also to identify criminals.

  • Mobile phone manufacturers

Apple is the market leader in using the face recognition technology in its smart phone. It makes sure that you are unlocking your phone and no one else can access your phone without your face ID.

  • Social media companies

Facebook is one of the top social media companies that have 98% accuracy in face recognition. It uses an algorithm to identify faces when you upload a photo; it then asks if you want to tag people in your photos. And then it tags those people by creating a link to their profiles.

  • For payments

Alibaba, an ecommerce giant of China is testing selfie payments where you can pay for a specific product just by taking a selfie. The face recognition software will link it to your payment tools.

  • Medical equipment

With this pandemic situation of COVID-19, medical equipment manufacturer iDoctorCloud has launched an Infrared Facial Recognition Thermometer that can measure temperature with an accuracy of 99.97%. These thermometers can be setup in a face recognition temperature scanning kiosk.  It can then be connected with sanitizer dispensers to make sure every face recognized goes through sanitization process also.

Face recognition technology is easy to deploy and implement because no physical interaction is required by the end user. So, in this pandemic situation the best use would be the infrared facial recognition thermometer. Do check iDoctorCloud for more information related to it.