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A Comprehensive Guide to Machu Picchu Tour

Planning a trip to Machu Picchu can be stressful and frustrating. This legacy of Inca civilization has attracted tourists from all over the world. Machu Picchu lies on the top of a mountain, making it challenging to access it. Yet, many people, thousands to be exact, visit this beautiful place through trekking to see it.

If you are thinking or wanting to visit this magnificent place, there are plenty of things you should know. In this post, we have created a complete guide to Machu Picchu tours.

Buy Tickets in Advance

According to tour guides, you must plan your trip at least six months in advance. We recommend avoiding buying tickets on the day of the tour. This is because the Inca Trail hike is filled a year out, especially during peak seasons.

If you are lucky, you might get a ticket a week or a few days before the hike in the low season. In case you want to avoid disappointment, it is better to plan ahead.


Before going on a hiking trip to Machu Picchu, you will need permits. You can acquire the permits at least 6 months before the trip. It is because there are a limited number of permits available. Since they are in very high demand, it is competitive to obtain. You can get permits from a certified tour operator.

Things You Should Before the Machu Picchu Tour

The most important things you need to focus on are vaccines, passports, and insurance. When you are traveling to Machu Picchu make sure you have travel insurance. Every tour operator will ask for proof of insurance in advance, at least a month before the hike.

Another thing you should know is that you will need your passports to enter Machu Picchu. It must have at least one year before expiration. A great thing is that you will not require a visa to enter Peru.

As far as vaccines are concerned, there are no specific vaccines that you should get. This is because the tour operator will take you to safe places only. Still, you can get vaccinated if you want for common diseases.

Equipment You Will Need

There are some things you must have before going on a hike. Though you can rent camping gear when you arrive in Cusco, it will be better to bring your own gear from home. Items you will need include sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and trekking poles. You should even bring small camping pillows and liners for sleeping bags. Also, you will need water containers, headlamps, insect repellents, sunscreen, trekking boots, and first aid kits.

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