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6 natural remedies for cystitis

Cystitis is a common and painful problem, especially for women.

Cystitis is an inflammation of the urinary bladder and is a very common and painful disorder. Often this inflammation is actually caused by an infection in the urinary tract, in most cases it is bacteria present in the colon, especially that of Escherichia Coli, or Streptococcus. Other concomitant factors that may be stress resulting in lower immune defenses, constipation and poor hygiene or errors, diseases such as diabetes, overweight diets or diets high in protein and low in vitamins.

This disorder is very annoying and affects mostly women.



What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of cystitis are variable and depend on the characteristics of the person (age, health condition, gender) and the bacterium responsible for the infection.

One of the most frequent symptoms is difficulty urinating, but it can also lead to fever or even be present in the absence of specific symptoms. Intense burning, pain, sudden and urgent need to urinate, feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen are the most common symptoms.

In addition to antibiotic medical treatment, there are some very effective natural remedies. They are recommended especially in the presence of the first symptoms, in order to avoid bacterial proliferation and the taking of drugs. Let us see what they consist of and when to use them.



<h3>The 6 natural remedies:</h3>


1. Mallow Theisana: it is perhaps the most common and used natural remedy, easy to find in herbal shops and supermarkets, sometimes even in your own garden or cultivated in pot on the balcony. If we have fresh mallow leaves and flowers, the best solution is to prepare a decoction by boiling the parts of the plant over low heat for about ten minutes (20 grams in half a liter of water), let it rest over low heat for a while and then filter the preparation with a strainer. In this way we will have extracted the active ingredients and aromas of the plant.

If we only have dried mallow leaves and flowers available, we prepare an infusion by letting a spoon of the product rest in boiling water and filtering the preparation.

We can easily consume two or three cups of it a day. Mallow has calming and deflaming properties. In mild cases of cystitis, relief will be immediate.

2. Cranberry juice: it has anti-inflammatory properties and we should consume at least two glasses a day. We find it in herbal medicine, but often also in the supermarket. It is very useful for both preventive and acute cases.




3. Strawberry tree: it is a medicinal plant useful for treating the urinary tract. The leaves are used to produce a tincture which is taken daily according to the instructions of the producer. It is easily found in herbal medicine.




4. Calendula: The calendula plant has antimicrobial properties and is often combined with mallow in herbal preparations and heather for the preparation of herbal teas.


5. Nettle: has diuretic properties and may provide rapid relief in case of mild symptoms of cystitis. We can use the dried leaves to prepare an herbal tea by leaving a spoon in infusion in boiling water for ten minutes.


6. Sodium bicarbonate: it is a particularly effective remedy for cystitis. Five glasses of water a day with a teaspoon of dissolved bicarbonate will be a simple and natural relief and relieve symptoms, decreasing urine acidity and inflammation. This remedy is not recommended for people with heart problems or hypertension.

Finally, remember that one of the best remedies is to follow a correct diet. Eating foods that have anti-inflammatory properties and strengthen the immune system: fruit, vegetables, cereals. Avoid irritating foods such as coffee and alcohol, chocolate and spices, and of course very fatty foods such as cheese and sausages. The best advice is to drink a lot of water. In any way, visit your doctor in order to get the best advice.